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Hornchurch is the largest District in the County of Greater London North East, with 16 Scout Groups and over a thousand members.We are well known as being a friendly and supportive District and are always looking for new members young and old.Our Aim is 'Better Scouting for more Young People' - why not help us to achieve this dream!

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St Georges Day Parade






Thank you Terry

ttmnAfter 17 years,Terry Taylor-Morley our faithful District Badge Secretary has decided that the time was right to hand over the badges to someone new.
Thank you Terry, for sitting there week after week and keeping our badge shop stocked up.
We all hope you find something equally fun to do on a Monday night.

Debbie Carter




Cubs Archery Competion




Swimming Gala

A huge thank you to all the young people who took part in the Swimming Gala.
Congratulations to 3rd Upminster for winning the Gala.

Download this file (Master_score_sheet_2016.pdf)Master_score_sheet_2016.pdf66 kB





Cubs 100 Hornchurch Challenges


Scooter Rally

This year’s Scooter Rally was well supported with Cubs turning up from eleven packs; 1st Cranham, 1st Elm Park , 2nd Elm Park Tigers, 2nd Elm Park Panthers, 8th Hornchurch Dragon, 8th Hornchurch Jupiter, 3rd Rainham, 1st Squirrels Heath , 2nd Squirrels Heath, 6th Squirrels Heath & 1st Upminster.
This was my first year organising this event, so a big thank you to the Warden at Crow Camp, and to Bob Wallace for passing on his knowledge, also thanks to all the other leaders that turned up and helped organise another fun day for Hornchurch District Cubs.
The fifty or so Cubs that turned up were eventually sorted into seven teams, and were then put through their paces on the first set of races; tyres and logs were then introduced to setup the obstacle race, and finally the relay race.
The scores were added up and the final positions were;
1st 2nd Elm Park Tigers & 8th Hornchurch Dragons 66 pts
2nd 6th Squirrels Heath & 1st Cranham 65 pts
3rd 3rd Rainham & 1st Squirrels Heath 59 pts
4th 8th Hornchurch Jupiter 56 pts
5th 1st Elm Park & 1st Upminster (part) 54 pts
6th 2nd Squirrels Heath 51 pts
7th 2nd Elm Park Panthers & 1st Upminster (part) 48 pts
This year’s Explorer race was won by George (the only entrant!), but he was made to complete the course, on the smallest scooter we could find.

Paul Snell


Beaver Scouts are first volunteers to Clean for The Queen

cleanqueenThe first community group to volunteer to get involved with Clean for the Queen is 6th Squirrels Heath Beaver Scouts and Harold Wood Park is their target area to clean.
If you're involved with a community group, school or business why not follow their example and volunteer too?
Clean for the Queen takes place from Friday 4 to Sunday 6 March and is a campaign to clear up Britain in time for Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday, which will be officially celebrated in June 2016.


Not got your Woodbadge yet....?

The Training Team are offering small group sessions to get you through this summer. Contact the team to book a day and time of your choosing.
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